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The Not So Sweet Truth: Why Sugar Means Trouble When You Have Braces

Braces, those awesome little marvels that straighten out smiles and boost confidence, require extra care and attention. While it’s fairly common knowledge that when you have braces you should generally steer clear of sticky lollies and hard snacks, there’s one sneaky culprit that often goes unnoticed: sugar. Yes, that sweet temptation lurking in so many foods and beverages can wreak havoc on your orthodontic journey. 

Here’s why sugar and braces are a recipe for disaster.

  • Acid Attack: When sugar meets bacteria in your mouth, it forms acid. This acid attacks your teeth, leading to decay and weakening of enamel. For those with braces, the risk is even higher as brackets and wires create additional nooks and crannies where bacteria can hide.
  • Plaque Pile-Up: Having braces makes it easier for plaque to accumulate around the brackets and wires. When you consume sugary foods and drinks, you’re essentially feeding the plaque, allowing it to thrive which will increase the risk of gum disease and cavities.
  • Bracket Breakages: Hard Sugary treats can cause brackets to loosen or even break off. Chewing on hard candies or sticky sweets can put undue pressure on your braces, leading to uncomfortable orthodontic emergencies and setbacks in your treatment plan.
  • Prolonged Treatment Time: Constantly indulging in sugary snacks can prolong your time in braces. Cavities and damage to your teeth may require additional appointments for repairs, delaying the progress of your orthodontic treatment.

Maintaining a balanced diet not only benefits your overall health but also supports your orthodontic journey. Opt for braces-friendly foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and dairy products to nourish your body without compromising your smile. While sugar may satisfy your sweet tooth, it poses significant risks to your overall oral health. By minimising sugary treats and practising good oral hygiene habits, you can protect your smile and ensure a smooth journey to the straight, beautiful teeth you deserve. Your future smile will thank you for it!