Invisalign Treatment at Berwick Orthodontic Specialists

What Do the Wires On Your Braces Do? 

Braces go beyond being accessories; they are a designed system with specially formed wires, called ‘archwires’ at its core. These wires play a very important role in guiding your teeth into their ideal positions and giving you a radiant smile.

The wires serve as the foundation of alignment and are made from flexible and resilient materials to initiate the gradual movement of your teeth. What makes them truly remarkable and fascinating is the controlled pressure that they apply to your teeth when positioned into place on the brackets by our specialist orthodontists at Berwick Orthodontics. The wires are adjusted by your orthodontist during appointments and exert calculated force which stimulates the bone and tissues to encourage the natural adaptation of your teeth.

The versatility of wire materials is a key aspect of modern orthodontics. Nickel-titanium wires offer flexibility and shape retention, while stainless steel wires provide robust support for more complex cases. This adaptability allows orthodontists to tailor treatment plans, addressing individual dental alignment needs.

Regular adjustments are crucial for maintaining progress. Adjustment appointments involve tweaking the tension of the wires, often changing the size of the wire and fine-tuning the alignment of your teeth. These wire changes ensure that your treatment plan stays on course toward achieving a beautifully aligned smile. 

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