Clear aligners vs. braces

Clear aligners and braces are both effective treatments each with their unique benefits.

Choosing a treatment that will straighten your teeth is a big decision. Braces and clear aligners are both effective ways to achieve straighter teeth, but they’re different in many ways. So, how do you choose between the two? There are several factors to consider when choosing an orthodontic treatment that is right for you, including cost, convenience, comfort level during treatment, and how long it takes to see results.

Read on for some information about each type of treatment so that you can make an educated decision for yourself…

What are the options?

When it comes to orthodontic solutions, braces remain a popular choice for many people. Traditional metal braces are attached directly to the teeth and are made of up metal brackets and wires. They work by exerting continuous pressure on the teeth, which forces them to move into new positions over time.

An alternative to metal braces, clear aligners are made from medical-grade plastic. They are custom-made to fit comfortably and, unlike braces, can be removed for eating, drinking and brushing and flossing the teeth.

What are the benefits of clear aligners?

Although both braces and clear aligners are effective orthodontic treatments, clear aligners are often suitable for patients who would like a discreet way to straighten their teeth. Clear aligners are virtually invisible so no one will know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. This makes them a popular choice for teens and adults.

Because they can be removed, it is possible to easily maintain proper oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing. Clear aligners don’t involve the use of metal brackets or wires that can loosen or be damaged — this usually means fewer repairs and visits to your orthodontist throughout the course of treatment.

While clear aligners have many benefits, it is important to know that complex orthodontic issues are usually best resolved with braces. If you have a severe bite-related or alignment issue, your orthodontist may recommend that you have braces fitted instead of clear aligners.  

Which treatment is better?

The treatment that is right for you will depend on your particular concerns. Metal braces are usually the treatment of choice in cases where it is necessary to address issues like severe overcrowding. They are also usually more affordable than clear aligners, so this is a factor worth considering.

The average treatment time with clear aligners is usually less than with traditional braces. They are also a very convenient option as they can be removed and fit in easily to most lifestyles.

When considering an orthodontic treatment, the best starting point is to arrange a consultation with your orthodontist so that they can perform a thorough examination and advise the best course of action based on your particular needs. Your orthodontist will also explain the benefits of each treatment and let you know what to expect from each process.

How can we help?

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