What are aligner chewies?

Written by Hayley Stevens

What are aligner chewies?

Chewies are a cylindrical roll of a plastic like material called: Styrene Copolymer. They come in a variety of colours and flavours! They are given to patients who are undergoing Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners

Chewies are reusable and are issued at the beginning of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners and at every subsequent appointment afterwards. 

They are an important part of orthodontic aligner treatment as they help to push the aligners right up against the teeth which, is where the aligners do their best work!  

Why should I use aligner chewies?

Chewies ensure that your aligners are fitting snuggly against your teeth. Your aligners will feel tighter after using them and are similar to tying up your shoelaces. You can move a lot better when your laces are tied, and similarly your teeth move a lot better when chewies are used on your aligners. 
This will ensure that each aligner prescription, as created by your orthodontist is actively working on each tooth in the desired manner. 
Chewies should be chewed on for at least 5 minutes a day in the morning and at night. Ideally, you should also use them every time you put your aligners in. However, you should aim to use them at least twice a day for 5 minutes to ensure that your treatment progresses efficiently. 
It is a good idea to keep your chewies in your aligner case and beside your toothbrush to encourage use at least twice a day. 
If you notice that your aligners are sitting slightly off your teeth at any point in your treatment make sure you are extra diligent in biting on your chewies in that particular area, to ensure that your teeth “track” well. 
If chewies aren’t used, your treatment can be less efficient.  

How do you use aligner chewies?

When your aligners are in, take one chewie by holding it between your pointer finger and thumb, then clench up and down on the chewie working your way around your whole mouth. When biting down, hold for 3-5 seconds before moving on to the next segment. Continue to gradually work your way around your mouth, biting up and down over every tooth for a total of 5 minutes, concentrating on any areas where there is a visible gap between the edge of your teeth and the aligner. Finish by rinsing your chewie with some running water under the sink. Dry with a tissue and place the chewie either back in the Invisalign case or beside your toothbrush. 
If aligners are worn for 20-22hrs a day and chewies are used at least twice a day for 5 minutes, you can be assured that you are well on your way to a more beautiful smile sooner rather than later!