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Broken Braces? No Problem!

It’s not unusual to sometimes break a wire or bracket when you have braces. There’s nothing to panic about, but you should try to get your broken braces fixed as soon as possible. Damaged braces can cause discomfort and make your treatment less effective. You may need to do a minor fix yourself before you can get to the Orthodontist for a proper repair.

Has A Braces Bracket Come Off?

Brackets are the part of the braces that attach to each tooth with special adhesive. If a bracket dislodges from the tooth but is still on the wire, it can rotate and move along the wire. Contact your Orthodontist to organise a time to have broken brackets reattached to your teeth. A floating bracket rarely causes pain or damage as other breakages, but it can sometimes rub on the inside of your mouth. Before visiting your Orthodontist for the repair, you can use a pair of tweezers and slide the bracket along the wire so it sits between two teeth or into the centre of the tooth. Use the tweezers to rotate the bracket so it’s facing the right direction. If the bracket is uncomfortable, cover the surface with some dental wax.

Broken Braces Wire?

If your archwire breaks, the sharp end can poke into your cheek or gum, causing it to bleed and can increase the chance of infection. To make the wire safe until you can see your Orthodontist, use a pair of nail clippers or small pliers to cut off the end so it’s a neat finish. 

Protruding, Sharp or Pokey Wire?

As teeth move, there is a slight chance that the wire will come out of the last bracket. If the wire is poking into the check or gum, cut the end with nail clippers or small pliers. You can also use Orthodontic wax to cover up sharp ends. Contact your Orthodontist to have the wire replaced.

Have You Bent Your Wire?

Eating foods that are too hard for braces can cause the wire to bend. When your braces wire bends, the loose bands can’t pull teeth into position. If you notice any changes with the wire being loose, bent or broken, make an appointment with your Orthodontist straight away. It’s better to have it checked out than do nothing for weeks and find out the wire has affected your treatment.

Why Do Orthodontic Breakages Occur?

The most common reason braces break is eating hard, crunchy or sticky food. Remember to think before you eat to avoid a break. A few minutes each day spent cutting food into smaller pieces or swapping out foods not recommended for braces can save time in the long run. An unscheduled visit to the Orthodontist to fix broken braces can require parents to take time off work and children’s time away from school.

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